Colin Kaepernick and Race

The reaction to Colin Kaepernick on the internet has been pretty extreme. Many enjoy seeing a young exciding athelete breaking records and winning play off games. But others have a pretty different reaction. Sporting news columnist David Whitley said ” Colin Kaepernick is going to be a big-time NFL quarterback. That must make the guys in San Quinton happy” Comparing Kaepernick to a prison inmate because of his tattoos. I seemed to have missed your Ben Roethlisberger article about his TWO rape allegations Mr. Whitley. But the point i wanted to make is about how we still deal with race in this country. To white America black people are just fine. We love black people. You know that one guy you work with. Or that guy you went to school with. Yeah hes just swell. We love black people we would just prefer they not be our President, Our Quarterback, or our daughters boyfriend right? But thats not racist. We love black people. And if our quarterback does happen to be black we will be fine with it as long as he acts the way we think he sould. RGIII and Russell Wilson  have no tattos, they say all the right things. They dont spike the ball or kiss there bicepts after touchdowns. There “one of the good ones”. Every other possision in football is dominated by black atheletes. Quarterback is all white america has left in the game. And here comes the big scary black man to take it away from us. Just like they did with our jobs, women and tax dollars. So every time Colin Kaepernick runs 50 yards for a touchdown stares down the camera and kisses his tattoo covered bicept white America’s asshole tightes as another black man is not acting as they thing he should and that scares the shit out of them.

Here is the link to David Whitley’s article

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